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Product Certification
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Many of the products and services that we use today require some form of testing and/or certification to enable them to be placed on the market.

These requirements may simply be a type-test or may be more complex, such as for CE marking, and may include requirements for testing, audit testing and assessment of your factory production control facilities. There may also be requirements to carry out all of this under the supervision of a Notified Body.

For product or services certification to a quality mark such as the Kite Mark or the LPCB mark, there may be even more stringent requirements that you will have to meet.

Help is at Hand

We can help you to determine which requirements are applicable to your situation and the best approach to take.

We will help you find your way through all of the technicalities and procedures by establishing, with your input and preferences, a plan of action that leads to the achievement of your final goal.

We will also help you with the interpretation of the relevant standards, preparation of quality procedures, work instructions, and also with the selection of the most appropriate certification body to carry out the test and/or audit program.

We can be on hand at any or all stages of the process to help you manage your testing and certification the way that suits your business best.

CE Marking

This can be a very complex and confusing aspect of certification. We will help you find your way through the various European Directives and help you to get your products CE marked.