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The preparation of scheme and other business documentation can be time consuming and expensive in terms of time and effort. This expense becomes more significant if you have to take someone away from their normal business activities to do it. By using Blue Rock Associates you can save time and money.


We can prepare documentation such as:

  • Manuals for:
    • Quality systems
    • H&S systems
    • Environmental systems
    • Energy management systems
    • Integrated management systems
  • Operating procedures
  • Work instructions

All of the above can be to agreed requirements leaving you and your employees to get on with their jobs.

We are very experienced at doing this type of work so we can do this quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


We can undertake a review* of your documentation and give you an assessment of:


  • Completeness
  • Suitability for your business
  • Risk to your business arising from incomplete or incorrect documents


At the end of the review we will issue a report detailing all issues, deficiencies and shortfalls along with recommendations for improvement.

If following the review you would like Blue Rock Associates to help rectify the issues found, we would be happy to help you develop an action plan and provide the resources necessary to carry it out.

*Please note that this does not constitute a legal check and you are responsible for ensuring that your business assesses and manages all appropriate risks.