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The accreditation standard for product certification is ISO 17065:2012 Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes or services.


Product certification is a term used to include the certification of services and processes. Where the term ‘product’ is used please remember that it could also mean services or processes. Product certification schemes may vary in their approach based on the product that is being certified. Therefore product certification may:


  • Include initial testing of the product along with an assessment of its suppliers' quality systems, followed by a surveillance regime that takes into account the factory quality system (such as ISO 9001) and the audit testing of samples from the factory and, in some circumstances, the open market.
  • Rely on initial testing of the product and a surveillance testing regime only
  • Comprise only of type testing of the product

EN 45011 specifies standard requirements that when fully implemented and observed help to ensure that certification bodies operate third-party product certification systems in a consistent and reliable manner thus allowing international and national acceptance of certificates.  The requirements of EN 45011 are general criteria for certification bodies operating product certification systems and will need to be supported by specific industrial or other normative requirements that are specific to the product. Such requirements can be those of:


  • National, European or International Standards pertaining to the product
  • Trade or other industry body requirements
  • Legal or regulatory requirements
  • Any other agreed criteria

Once conformity with the requirements for certification has been established to the appropriate standards or other normative criteria it is usual to issue a certificate that may be supplemented by a certification mark (or mark of conformity) that can be used on the product thus advertising that third-party certification has been obtained. In many industries this can be used to commercial advantage as it may help a product stand out from the rest of the market.

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