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Personnel certification is for the assessment of personnel against a set of predefined criteria often referred to as the ‘scheme requirements’ or ‘scheme document’. Such certification is one means of providing assurance that the certified person meets the requirements of the certification scheme.


The accreditation standard is ISO 17024 Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. This is the internationally agreed and recognised standard that helps ensure compatibility worldwide in terms of the criteria used and is an accepted benchmark that organisations operating certification of persons can rely upon.


Like all certification schemes confidence in a personnel certification scheme is achieved by means of an initial assessment followed by periodic surveillance during the period of certification. As the period of certification draws to an end a recertification activity – usually similar to the initial assessment of competence is undertaken and the cycle repeats itself until such time as the certification is no longer required.


In contrast to other types of conformity assessment, such as management system certification, one of the characteristic functions of personnel certification is the requirement to perform an evaluation of the candidates competence, based on the requirements of the scheme, by written, oral, practical, observational or other means. This evaluation must be performed such that it uses objective criteria for competence and scoring.


Blue Rock Associates can offer a full service to help you gain UKAS accreditation to the requirements of ISO 17024 and help with the development of the detailed specifics of scheme requirements.


The completion of the certification process usually results in the issue of a certificate and the individual being able to use the certification in some way to advertise their status.


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