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Report Writing
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Course Benefits

Written reports are essential tools used to enable and support critical decision-making. A well-written report is accurate, clear and concise and conveys an image of total professionalism. This 1-day course is designed for professionals at all levels who want to improve their business writing skills.

Course Outline:
Session 1 - About Reports

What is a report? Effective report writing, impact, report writing  styles, how do I plan my report? key steps in report writing.

Session 2 - Report Structures

How do I structure my report? Basic report structure + exercise, longer or more detailed reports, specialised report structure + exercise, numbering and headings + exercise, example report  structure.

Session 3 - Practical Exercise Followed by Feedback Session
Session 4 - Hints and Tips

Editing and reviewing, software tools, report writing tips, checking the Fog Index + exercise, how to write an executive  summary, appendices, works cited/references and bibliography, footnotes and endnotes, useful links/further reading


A number of practical exercises are included to emphasise the learning process including:

  • How to structure basic and specialised reports
  • Identifying writing styles
  • Section numbering
  • Assessing readability – the Fog Index
What will I learn?
By the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Write a well-structured report that guides the reader logically through the text
  • Cultivate a formal writing style that enables understanding and maintains interest
  • Write objectively using the relevant information and vocabulary
  • Use diagrams, tables and charts to support and enhance your text
  • Use and reference external sources of information correctly
  • Ensure that specialist and non-specialist readers can quickly read and understand your work
  • Edit your draft reports easily and constructively
  • Follow a systematic approach to minimise the writing time

NB. Proficiency with the English language is assumed. You will be requested to bring with you either:

  • a report that you have been requested to write, or
  • a report you have previously written that they wish to analyse/improve
Please contact us to enquire about our Report Writing course.